Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To provide all people a chance to enjoy the most basic human interaction, fulfill personal needs with the idea everyone deserves more Room2Smile!!
Company Overview
My name is Brandon Spillett, and I have a calling in my heart to help others in need. How do you describe a need? I define it as a need for companionship, a need to take your mind off of today’s troubles, a need to laugh, a need to cry, a need to have fun, a need for someone to sit with, and countless other needs that I am not even aware of. I am by no means educated in the field of counseling no...r do I offer any expertise in the counseling field. However, what I can and am willing to offer is a chance to forget or acknowledge the issues of today in a way that is comfortable for YOU. This may include a casual conversation, time spent just listening, enjoying a meal, watching a television program, playing cards, going for a walk, etc.(These are just ideas not limited to anything listed) Below is an email address that you can reach me and provide your contact information as well as your need. I will then contact you however you prefer and begin the process of making you, your friend, or loved one an opportunity to smile. There is NO CHARGE for this as I am just beginning this foundation/charity/goodwill initiative. If you feel that what I have provided for you was beneficial and want to help me expand opportunities for others, donations will be accepted to help make that happen. There are no limits to what can be accomplished when two people come together; I truly look forward to meeting all who are interested!!
What I am trying to accomplish through Room2Smile?
No matter who it is, what time of day it is, or what is going on in one’s life, everyone has more Room2Smile!! In honor of my father and all of the rooms he walked in and out of on a daily basis, my goal is to give others an opportunity to smile and enjoy the basic human company that they may or may not have.
General Information
My father, Daniel Spillett, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1992 when I was only a child. Through his strength, support system, and God’s will he was able to fight this “terminal illness” for many years and live a “normal life." In reality his life was far from “normal”. He fought everyday for the next thirteen years not letting one second go by wasted, missing out on an opportunity to smile a...nd help others smile. During those years he spent his time with family, friends, children, doctors, current & former lacrosse players who he coached, my father was always sharing his passion for life and smiling the entire time. There wasn’t a room that he walked into where he wasn’t excited to be, or where the others inside the room weren’t waiting expectantly anticipating his infectious smile, humorous one liners, constructive criticism, or common encouragement. As I have grown and continued on with my life I have often come across people who were in those room's my father walked into. We have shared the passion of his life and the passion for life that he inscribed in all of us. For a small portion of his life, my father was confined to a hospital bed and wasn’t able to walk into those rooms. Instead, people came out to walk into his room(to share their day with him?) because of the impact he had on their life. During the time he spent in the hospital(while his room was constantly filled), he shared many rooms with people who were only visited by the doctors and, nurses that were easing their pain, and helping them to recover, and get back to a normal life. Numerous times I would walk into my fathers room and, even when he was confined to his own hospital bed he was entertaining his roommate’s and bringing smiles to their day!! He would tell me late at night when all the others had come and gone that it was his relationships with his family, friends, and the unplanned daily human interactions he partook in that he loved so much. This idea of mine may not be able to touch as many lives as my father, but even bringing just a few more smiles into the days of those who need them would make both him and I very proud!! GBDS

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